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2023 Hall of Fame and Special Recognition and Award Banquet

Saturday, October 14th, 2023

at the Venetian Club, 2180 Elmwood Rd, Rockford

Benvenuti alla nostra Associazione GRIAA!

Preserving Our Past…. Planning Our Future

Our Italian culture is one steeped in rich history and traditions. That’s why it is important for Italian Americans to keep in touch with their roots and share their pride and heritage. Our association was founded in 1980. Originally known as The Columbus Day Committee, the Greater Rockford Italian American Association (GRIAA) strives to follow our mission given to us by the original Rockford Italian charter members. These members have celebrated the Italian culture and have given meaning to the true roots of our heritage.

Mission Statement

To promote the Italian culture, sponsor social events and activities, and perform works of charity and philanthropy benefiting the local Italian-American community.


A non-profit organization headed and staffed solely by volunteers, GRIAA serves as a conservatory of Italian culture and traditions. It provides the community and opportunity to experience the customs and traditions of Italy first hand by participating in a variety of educational programs and public events provided by our GRIAA Committees.

If you would like to serve on one of the GRIAA Committees or have any questions or comments about GRIAA, please use the form listed below (or you may e-mail us directly at