Amici Italiani Youth Troupe

Amici Italiani Youth Troupe
  Pauline Urso
Anna Mirabile

Left to Right: Carla Cacciatore Mullin co-founder, Pauline Urso and
Anna Mirable directors at the Hall of Fame Induction Dinner

The Amici Italiani Youth Troupe continues the tradition begun in 1989.  Twenty young dancers between the ages of 8 and 14 learn traditional Italian folk dances passed down through generations. 

We work with the boys and girls to introduce the them to, music and the movements of their ancestors.  The majority of the dances are from the southern regions of Italy and Sicily.  Two of the favorites from those areas are the Old Tarantella and Ragunesi.  Ballo Sardo is a line dance from Sardina.  From the northern regions three of the dances are Zoccalitanz, Ballo del Truc, and La Staggia.  Monte Virgine is a dance from central Italy. 

Amici Italiani Youth Troupe is dedicated to helping to preserve the rich Italian heritage and culture of the greater Rockford Area.  Pauline works with the new dancers, the experienced ones teach the new ones.  One generation reaches out to the next.  The music and dance transcend age and diversity and unite us in the warmth of the traditions of our homeland. 

Amici Italiani Youth Troupe