Vince Chiarelli comes from a bloodline of musical
tradition. Starting when he was 18 months old, Vince showed everyone his singing ability. Not only has he inherited his grandfathers name, but is also keeping The Vice Chiarelli Combo alive. For more information on both bands and information on bookings go to this site below.

Ferentino Pro Loco
Check out Ferentino’s Pro Loco web site for up coming events and general information about our Sister City.
Alessandro Pompeo.
A web site of Ferentino by Alessandro Pompeo who lives in Ferentino.
The Palace of Giorgi-Roffi Isabelli
In Ferentino (50 miles south of Rome) there is an historic palace: “PALAZZO GIORGI-ROFFI ISABELLI” built in the XVI century. The interior of the Palace preserves the neoclassic decorations of the Roman gods and Bacchus. The palace walls, floors, and ceilings recalls the history, the legend and the style of the times, (end of ”700 early ‘800 of the Papal State). Palazzo Storico of Giorgi-Roffi Isabelli is located within the historic walls of Ferentino on Via Consalare No. 160 Visitors interested in viewing the Palace can call 333 2399 643 or e-mail
National Italian American Foudation(NIAF)
A National Italian American Foundation, that will help you with information on scholarships, dual citzenship, and many other Italian services.
Ellis Island Passanger Arrivals/American Family History Imagration Center
A web site to check you family entry thru Ellis Island. Ship records and passanger list
Arba Sicula Organization in New York
Arba Sicula is the offical journal of the Sicilian-American ogranization by the same name whose principal objective is to preserve, study and promote the language and culture of Sicily
St. Ambrogio Society
The St. Ambrogio Society was founded in 1918 by a group of Italian men from the city of Ferentino, which is located in the provence of Frosenone in the region of Lazio.
Free Translation
English to Italian and Italian to English Free Translation and Professional Translation Services from SDL International
Italian Consulate General  Office
The Consulate General Office in Chicago can help you with dual citzenship. There are many links attached to this site that can help you when traveling to Itlay.
Italian Language on your Computer
Italian Language from Michael San Filippo is your guide to Italian Language. He offers the word of the day and many lessons for you to practice the Italian Language.
The Sambuca Club
The Sambuca Club is a group of researchers dedicated to finding their ancestors of Sambuca. Il nostro club e` stato fondato da un gruppo di persone impegnate nella ricerca dei propri antenati sambucesi, sia tra coloro rimasti a Sambuca che tra quelli emigrati all’estero. all’estero.
Send Flowers to Italy thru NIAF
This is NIAF site for ordering flowers for someone in Italy. This site has been set up for us by The Natioanl Italian American Foundation in DC. A wonderful way for us to send flowers to anyone in Italy for a special occasion.
Italian Language Daily Newspaper published by Gruppo Editoriale Oggi
Italian American Newspaper from New Jersey that highlights news, sport, culture. A great way to brush up on your Italian.
Ciociaria Tour
C I O C I A R I A is the name of an Italian region, strategically situated in the heart of Italy, between Rome and Naples. It’s the ideal starting point to explore the whole country. The province of Frosinone, called Ciociaria (cho-cha-ri-a), is not very well known among tourists, because it is “off the beaten track”, but this land rewards generously its visitors with unspoiled nature, magnificent abbeys, archaeological treasures, genuine food and many traditions. My aim is to design a travel experience so that you may discover and share with your family and friends the beauty, warmth and culture of this extraordinary area.
Comune di Sambuca di Sicilia
“Benvenuti nello spazio web del Comune di Sambuca di Sicilia (AG)”. Welcome to the website of the City of Sambuca di Sicilia in the province of Agrigento. If your roots are from Sambuca take the time and check out this website. Take a look at SACRO E PROFANO on the homepage for pictures of Sambuca’s annual Festa de la SS Maria di l’Adienza. You will also find some beautiful images of Sambuca’s churches, buildings and monuments. Faciticci na taliata!
The Mangiaracina Family
The Mangiaracina Family Website is a tribute to all Mangiaracina’s throughout the World and to all of their ancestors. Enjoy pictures, stories, family tree’s and much more. Track down or submit information on your Mangiaracina family.
Don Giovanni Hotel In Sambuca di Sicilia
The Hotel Don Giovanni is nestled in the green Sambucesi countryside but is just a short distance from the town, we will ensure your peace and tranquility even if it is just for a few days, we want to release you from the humdrum of everyday life. The Hotel, which has classic old Sicilian beams and a large inner courtyard, is warm and cozy in winter, the sun shines off the sandstone walls making it cool in summer as well, vines spring from the ground like perennial fountains.
Do you want to become a dual citizen of Italy? If you are an American citizen whose parent, grandparent, or great-grandfather was an Italian citizen, you may be eligible for dual citizenship with Italy by “Right of Blood for People of Italian Descent.” Spouses of Italian citizens are also eligible to apply for dual citizenship. We are here to help you complete your application with ease, accuracy and affordable rates! Depending on your needs, we can obtain the Italian Vital Records of your ancestor, assist you in finding his/her Naturalization Record, and translate all of your American documents into Italian. Even if you speak Italian, the legal terminology of the documents requires a mastery of the language, an expertise that we provide!
Agriturismo-Il Borgo del Senatore
In the land of Saint Francesco, of Michelangelo, Piero Della Francesca, the battle of Anghiari, completely dipped in the green and amazing nature, where peace and tranquilities are the King and the Queen, where the blue of the sky gets into the silver of the olive trees, where the yellow of the brooms is stirred to the colors of the violets and daisies, on the top of a hill from which an amazing view of the high valley of the Tevere river and the Appennino Tosco – Umbro – Marchigiano, it rises, in the land of Tuscany, the farm house “Il Borgo del Senatore”. The structure, in the middle of a huge property of greens hills and secular trees, is inhabited by tale animals: roes, fallow deer, and hares but also squirrels and wild boars and in sky it is not rare to admire hawks, larks and robins.
St. Anthon of Padua Church
St. Anthony of Padua Church gave the Italian community of Rockford a secure place to workshop and come together through the various societies and clubs. Our Italian families were able to continue to succeed with their life and carry on with the traditions of the “mother land”, Italy. Indeed, Father Marchesano came to Rockford in 1905 for the sole purpose of helping the immigrated Italians be comfortable bridging this new land…America. Father Marchesano held a leadership role in the foundation of the parish and church of St. Anthony of Padua.